SChool Profile

Special features

Inclusive Education: We have a special wing named as “Flow School” which deals with children with autisms, mental retardation, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and slow learners. Special education is imparted to them through Individual Education Program (IEP), occupation therapy, physio therapy and sensory integration therapy. The formal and informal assessments are done for each child, as each is in her or his own level. Parents are trained to manage children as they are the support tool for them.

New ventures

Attention on Slow Learners: The greatest challenge to an educator is a child who is a slow learner. These children do not fall into the category of special education, do well outside the classroom, and show no evidence of having a medical problem. They simply do not do well in school or a particular subject. We decided to apply some special tools and techniques to bring up the standard of these slow learners. Our teachers came forward to help these students. They were knows as teacher- guardian. Teachers adopted two students from each class, identified their difficulties and helped these students to overcome their difficulties.

The facilitators of this programme was Mr. G.John, EDE Trainer , Miss.MariekaSchedult, A German EDE Trainer and Dr. Shridi Prasad Tekur, Homeopathist and a child specialist who has been trained in Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP).The teacher coordinators are Mrs. M.L.Alageswari and Mrs. Mathangi.